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Business Overview


  Founded in 2005, AVO is developing each type of High-Res Wireless Audio Device, Smart City Systems (Smart Intrusion Device, Smart Door Lock, Smart Network audio systems for security), AI Platform and IoT Device R&D and manufacturing base.

  We are investing in R&D to become a leader in next-generation wired and wireless communication technology by applying artificial intelligence technology and wireless connectivity solution-based security technology to IoT devices such as Smart Network Audio (PA) System (Ceiling Speaker, Wall Speaker, Horn Speaker, MIC, Content Management tools), Smart Intrusion Device, and Smart Door Lock Device.

  Audio Tuning, Audio Control Algorithm, 3D Sound Algorithm Solutions, Active Noise Cancellation, Echo Cancellation, White Noise Cancellation Technology (H/W, S/W), Video Streaming Capture Algorithm, Security Algorithm, Various wired and wireless devices to minimize current consumption, Battery control technology, Content Management tools, etc.
With long experience in technology development and production, we are directly exporting products as ODM and OEM to big companies at home and abroad that we have established ourselves.

 AVO is a company that strives and challenges to reach customers with more convenient consumer-oriented  products through technology development that can lead the era of Smart City Systems for security IOT based on the best technology and manpower.

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